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Why Join HaiKhuu?

Our mission to is create a open environment where every trader has the ability to help one another achieve success in an ever-changing market. Regardless of your level of experience, our professional traders will teach you how to navigate the stock market efficiently and effectively. Our goal is to educate everyone how to invest in their future, create a consistent stream of income, and achieve financial success & independence. Let’s put our minds together to achieve greatness!


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Our Team

HaiKhuu’s mission is to help you reach your personal financial goals regardless of your situation. We want to help you achieve the lifestyle that you’ve dreamt about through the act of helping you understand how to manage your finances successfully. 

We operate across multiple different social media platforms including Facebook and Discord! 

HaiKhuu is currently one of the most active communities of stock traders in the world. The network includes over 150,000 unique individuals that are generating over 15,000,000 interactions a year. 

HaiKhuu LLC was officially established in January 2018 by the Founder Allen Tran. Allen’s goal for the organization is to be able to efficiently and effectively help teach you how to be successful in the market regardless of market conditions. He is dedicated to the cause and will stop at nothing to assure the success of others.

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